S.I. Paper Company is a market leading manufacturer, distributor & exporter of  Self Adhesive Label stock and Silicone Coated Release Liners. We specialize in providing the height degrees of customization options to cater to each and every demand of our customers.

The label industry in India is a fast growing, evolving and complex segment. We at S.I. Paper Company with our vast experience completely understand the dynamics of this industry and utilize our knowledge to meet your needs. Since Labels are used for  Advertising, Marketing, Communicating and Branding, Our end users come from a diverse set of industries such as Food, Beverages, FMCG, Electronics, Automobiles, Chemical, Cosmetic, Lubricant and almost from each and every sector.

In most cases, Self Adhesive Label Stock is the face of your brand. Simply speaking a good message will remain good only when it is carried well on a high quality label stock. In this case the messenger is as important as the message. SI paper Company does this effectively by its comprehensive portfolio of labels. The products come with a broad range of performance characteristics, print quality and designs. The company makes sure that your label stays alive for a longer period of time and the message comes out loud & clear. The company has invested years of experience and research to evolve processes and technologies to artfully engineer the label stocks. With an exhausting line of label stocks the company is able to meet customer satisfaction on all ends. The brand owner’s requirements with the label stock are met with superlative quality and technological competence. Each of its products is an outcome to product innovation and an unparalleled technology. This commitment to work has helped SI paper Company to offer infinite customized solutions to suit any environment. This is reflected with the Silicon coated release liners that make sure that the ‘output’ that you get with a label stock remains plain beautiful.

Quality Assurance

How we check it

Our company believes very strongly in providing “nothing but the best” and this has been our driving force all along. We take pride in our products quality. In our quest to always justify our guiding principle we make sure that all the stages of production right from the

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Infrastructure and Facilities

Where is it done

S.I. Paper Company has since its inception, earned a reputation of an industry leader based on its wide assortment of innovative new products. Our infrastructure finds itself well equipped to serve you right on product quality and timely delivery at the most competitive prices.

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Environment Friendly

We care about Future

Our company has always been a staunch supporter and promoter of the environmental cause. We Eco Friendlyhave always believed that sustainable development is the right way to go and this is reflected in all our policies. We strictly follow Eco-Conscious production process.

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Highly flexible, Completely optimized for easy changeover and scalability.

Our R&D efforts have out-poured both quality and convenience for our customers with a wide range of products which are industrial benchmarks.  The product lines go on to cater to 2 broad categories of products.

The products are all available in Reels and Sheet form. This adds to the convenience and compatibility to our user base. Also, to make sure of a timely distribution, a robust network of our channel partners do good to keep products available as and when you required them.

We usually reply with 24 hours except for weekends. All emails are kept confidential and we do not span in any ways.

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