Production Process

Any self-adhesive paper product consists mainly of face stock, adhesive and silicone coated release liner. The main stock is the part which goes on to live as label after the product has been used whereas the release liner and adhesive enable it to do so by giving it sticking property (adhesive); strength, dimensional stability plus ensuring that the adhesive sticks to the face stock only (release liner).

The production process itself consists of four major steps – silicone application, application of adhesive, conditioning and formation of self-adhesive complex. It is performed by passing the release liner paper through a machine section where a top coating of silicone is added to it, from there it goes to the section where adhesive is added on top of the silicone coating and then it is joined with the face stock material to form the Self Adhesive paper product. After all this the product is sent for finishing, cutting etc. according to the specifications mentioned by the customer.

The application of silicone basically means adding a thin top layer of silicone which serves three main purposes – it prevents the face stock material and release liner from sticking together and facilitates the complete transfer of adhesive from liner to face stock, it protects the adhesive until its final use and also makes the face stock material easily detachable from the release liner i.e. lowers its release value.Production-Process

After this adhesive is applied on top of the silicone coated release liner. In case of self-adhesive products we use pressure sensitive adhesives, which means that the adhesive property of the product will activate only when slight pressure is applied. Conditioning is done because after the application of the two coats of silicone and adhesive, the product was subjected to drying which results in drying of paper as a side effect.

Final product is formed when this adhesive covered silicone release liner is joined with the face stock material by passing it through the nip (contact point) of two rollers. After this the product is sent for cutting etc. based on the specifications asked for by the customer.

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