Quality Assurance

Our company believes very strongly in providing “nothing but the best” and this has been our driving force all along. We take pride in our products quality. In our quest to always justify our guiding principle we make sure that all the stages of production right from the collection of raw materials to final finished product are monitored and constantly inspected for quality control.

Our personnel ensure that the primary raw materials required for these products such as – face stock, base stock, silicone coating, adhesive, adhesive labels etc. are of first grade and for quality control selection of raw materials is based on factors such as desired product, desired form (sheet/reel) plus latest research in the field. End user requirements are also kept in mind while selecting raw materials like- selection of release paper depends on user requirements such as printing requirements or die-cutting requirements. The equipment to be used by the user drives the choice of coating material so as to provide maximum ease and best quality to the consumer.

During manufacture quality control is established through various tests such as peeling, quick stick, cohesion, release etc. Peeling measures adhesive capacity of product, quick stick tells us about the tack of the adhesive which determines how quickly it latches onto the release liner, cohesion tells us about the fluidity of adhesive which helps us in ensuring that the adhesive 14054903-approved-stamp-shows-quality-excellent-productdoesn’t flow over the edges of the product and release tells us about the force required to separate face stock from release liner. With the help of these tests we ensure that our product has all properties in correct measure.

Once manufactured, our products are made to go through a series of rigorous performance tests so as to check how they fare when put to actual use. Various parameters such as– heat resistance, low surface energy feature, adhesion quality, GSM measurement, aging factor are tested. We ensure that our product has the proper GSM as desired. We test how our products put up with high temperature, how effective low surface energy feature of coatings remains which enables liners to remain free of adhesive, Product maintains perfect grammage, how good is the adhesion quality of the adhesive used by us when in real use and the very important age effect which tells us how our products perform with passing time.

All these tests and checks result in making our products the best our customers can get, something which is a source of great pride and satisfaction for us

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