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Our R&D efforts have out-poured both quality and convenience for our customers with a wide range of products which are industrial benchmarks. We produce a wide variety of products covering most categories of self-adhesive products. Broadly speaking we deal in self-adhesive label stock otherwise known as pre-gummed paper, gummed paper, Gum sheet, gumming sheets etc. and release liners. SI Paper Company is a well known brand in the industry of Adhesive labels and Adhesive Paper.

The main components of our products are face stock, adhesive, silicone and release liner. Face stock is the material which ends up as the label or sticker while adhesive is the component which allows the label to stick onto a surface. Silicone is used as a coating on the release liner to ensure that the adhesive doesn’t stick to the liner and the liner peels off smoothly from the face stock and the liner itself is used because it provides dimensional stability, structural strength and die cutting ability.

Exclusivity is our strongest point as we specialize in providing products customized to meet the specific needs of the customer. From something as basic as type or size of product to something as particular as grammage of various components used in manufacturing, we cater to all sorts of demands.  Whether it is large offset printing machines or latest digital printing, we provide one stop solution for all label printing needs with the added bonanza of personalized service to all our valued customers.

Selh Adhesive Label Stock

Silicone Coated Release Liners


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